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 Merged Credit Reports from Factual Data provide insight into your applicant’s credit history to help you determine appropriate loan options. Access data from one, two, or all three credit repositories (TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®) digitally. Enjoy easy-to-read reports with useful upgrade options to streamline processing and underwriting.

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More Than Just a Tri-Merge Credit Report

  • Simple to Access: Merged Credit Reports from Factual Data can be accessed using our modern online platform, or from a variety of LOS and POS options. Learn about the Factual Data Enterprise Platform, where customers can start ordering credit reports.
  • Easy to Read: Our credit reports are delivered in a clear and easy-to-read format. Each report contains convenient summaries detailing FICO® scores, debt, late payments, and fraud alerts.
  • Backed by Superior Customer Service: Factual Data representatives are available 5 days a week to assist lenders with any questions or concerns that may arise when ordering a credit report.

Customize Your Merged Report and Add Other Products

  • Create an Automated Workflow on the Enterprise Platform: Design a unique automated workflow based on credit attributes, identity validation, and other business rules. Configure the automated process to either stop or provide a warning when the credit profile in question does not adhere to your standard built into your workflow.

  • Update the Report with Rescore: Avoid waiting longer than necessary for the credit bureau to update your borrower’s credit data by submitting a request for a Rescore. Our credit specialists will work with you to determine what documents are needed.

  • Order a Credit Supplement: Credit supplements are useful when you need an out-of-cycle update about a tradeline on an applicant’s credit report. Updating balances helps to ensure the details you review are as fresh as possible.

"Their service is unsurpassed."

— Factual Data Customer
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Factual Data has been serving the credit data needs of the mortgage lending community for decades. With a deep understanding of the needs of mortgage professionals, we provide detailed and useful Merged Credit Reports for residential mortgage loans.

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