Factual Data® is a leading provider of merged credit reports, flood zone determinations, and data verification services to the mortgage lending industry.

Credit Services
  • Pre-Qualification Soft Inquiry Report - Pre-qualify applicants with a 1, 2, or 3-bureau soft inquiry credit report Download Overview

  • Merged Credit Reports – 1, 2, or 3 bureau credit report merged into a single easy-to-read report

  • Credit Supplements – order from our secure platform or directly from the Factual Data credit report in many loan origination systems

  • Rescores – fast tradeline updates

  • CreditXpert® Wayfinder and What-If Simulator - provide applicants with credit score forecasts and custom plans to reach their target scores

  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring – monitor loan files and receive alerts on new or changed borrower activity from application through closing Download Overview

  • Loan Quality Cross Check – help reduce lenders’ risk by detecting the presence of undisclosed liabilities prior to closing Download Overview

  • Portfolio Servicing – monitor your portfolio with proactive reviews of credit profiles to identify opportunities and potential issues before they happen

  • Account Retention Monitoring – minimize attrition and build stronger customer relationships through daily notifications of competitive offers and customers actively seeking new credit

Data Verification Services
  • Customized Risk Mitigation Platform from DataVerify® – automate the underwriting process with a system based on criteria a human expert would follow in diagnosing a problem

  • IDVerify® from DataVerify® – includes consumer identity verifications, fraud alerts, SSN issuance information, borrower watchlist checks and more

  • AppVerify® from DataVerify – Evaluate the risk associated with identity, occupancy, employment, income, and participants within a loan file

  • PropertyVerify® from DataVerify – comprehensive market and subject analysis including scoring results and conditions, market analysis, and comparable sales

  • 4506 IRS transcripts – including the convenience of e-signature

  • Social Security Administration verification services (SSA-89)

Collateral and Property Services
  • Flood Zone Determinations from DataVerify® – quickly evaluate risk and stay compliant with fast and accurate flood zone determinations

  • Property Valuations (AVMs) – verify property valuation and market risk