Pre-Qualification Reports from Factual Data

Pre-Qualification can be a cost-effective first step in determining your consumers’ creditworthiness for a mortgage. Not only can Pre-Qualification reports help reduce the downstream expenses associated with more exhaustive credit evaluations — they have no impact on the consumer’s credit score and do not produce trigger leads that alert the competition. Pre-Qualification reports can be ordered with data from any or all three nationwide consumer reporting agencies using the Factual Data Enterprise Platform, as well as many LOS and POS integrations.

"They were very creative in helping us find a solution for our pricing model… That has saved us a ton of money."

— Factual Data Customer
Optimize Your Lead Investment with Pre-Qualification Reports
  • Pre-Qualify in Seconds

    Soft pull credit reports from Factual Data are quickly ordered using the Enterprise Platform, and from a variety of POS and LOS options that suit your situation. If the consumer meets your criteria, you can feel confident moving forward with a traditional hard inquiry credit report.

  • No Impact on the Consumer’s Credit

    Consumers can breathe easy knowing the soft credit inquiry will not hurt their credit score. This no-risk entry point can help to establish a positive initial relationship with the consumer, and help them understand their buying power.

  • Access TransUnion®, Experian® and Equifax®

    Pre-Qualification reports can be customized to include data from one or more bureaus.

  • Save Time and Resources

    Manage resources by using Pre-Qualification reports to take a first glance at your consumers. If it is clear that that consumer doesn’t meet your criteria after a soft inquiry, you can stop the process and avoid additional downstream expenses.

  • Avoid Trigger Leads

    Protect your lead investments by keeping consumers’ data out of the hands of the competition and establishing a relationship of trust with your consumers.

  • Ultimate Integration and Customization

    Pre-Qualification credit reports can be customized through your point of sale system (POS) or mobile app, providing an efficient and complete digital experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

What's the Difference Between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?


With Pre-Qualification, you’ll receive an estimate of where the consumer’s credit stands. This can be helpful in determining if it’s worthwhile to continue to the next step of the application process. No hard credit inquiry is needed, and it has no impact on the consumer's credit score. It does require written instruction from the consumer allowing you to obtain their credit data. This type of report does not initiate trigger leads, making it an ideal tool for protecting your initial lead investment.


Pre-approval is a more concrete demonstration of the consumer’s creditworthiness. It does require a hard credit inquiry. With a pre-approval letter in hand, consumers can have more confidence in the notion that an offer of credit will be extended, contingent upon meeting further credit evaluation requirements. 

*Factual Data Pre-Qualification reports cannot be used to pre-approve a consumer.

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