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CreditXpert is a mortgage credit simulation platform that helps lenders with applicants from any credit range identify opportunities to secure the best rates and terms. By ordering CreditXpert reports through Factual Data, you can provide data on an applicant’s score potential, create automated plans for improvement, and model multiple credit scenarios using the CreditXpert simulation engine. What’s more, these plans can be shared with applicants with just one click.

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  • See if your applicants qualify for better rates and terms with CreditXpert Credit Assure™: CreditXpert shows improvement potential for Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax® scores. Using Credit Assure, you can build detailed improvement plans for applicants that include suggestions like paying down debt, opening accounts, and canceling authorized user accounts.
  • Receive automated improvement plans with CreditXpert Wayfinder™: CreditXpert understands what actions are likely to drive the score improvements you are seeking for your clients. Not only can you be provided with a detailed plan to help clients improve their credit score — you’ll also receive an indication of the likelihood of achieving a target score.
  • Model scenarios using the CreditXpert What-If Simulator™: What-If Simulator offers the opportunity for you to run multiple scenarios and produce detailed improvement plans. The simulation engine provides the flexibility to work scenarios with applicants and model changes over the course of several months and up to two years.

Why Use CreditXpert Products through Factual Data?

  • Provide Better Service: CreditXpert helps make you a trusted advisor and invaluable resource to applicants — building a better lending experience for everyone.

  • Potential to Approve More Applicants: Salvage some credit declines by quickly identifying consumers who can raise their scores enough to qualify, conceivably helping you to close more loans.

  • Eliminate Guesswork: Become empowered with helpful insights, predictions, and analysis. You can quickly explore options and confidently take action to help applicants improve their scores.

"It's the people, the products and their proactive way of looking out for us [that sets Factual Data apart]."

— Factual Data Customer
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Factual Data is a leading provider of mortgage credit reports and verification services. Pair our easy-to-read credit reports with CreditXpert credit score analysis for simple, actionable ways to help improve your loan success rate.

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