Roostify Engages Factual Data to Provide Access to Consumer Credit in Mobile or Desktop Environment

Lenders can order credit reports without leaving the platform
San Francisco, California, June 23, 2020

The nation’s most trusted digital lending platform, Roostify, announced today a new relationship with Factual Data® as part of an expansion that will allow loan officers to run borrower credit and view findings within the Roostify platform. Loan officers will now be able to make credit and product decisions earlier in the loan lifecycle, even from a mobile device, so the loan process can continue without costly delays associated with switching between multiple software systems.

Credit integration is a key piece of Roostify’s platform capabilities. Credit integration allows loan officers to secure loan products for their clients with accurate, real-time decisioning. A loan officer’s ability to access detailed information from the credit report without needing to be on their desktop computer creates more flexibility and timely customer service to borrowers, in addition to helping borrowers make informed decisions about their loan pipeline. Ease and transparency in verifying borrower eligibility reduces cycle times, lowers origination costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Simple administrator configuration options allow lenders to choose between credit inquiry types for single-bureau, joint, or tri-merge reports, which extends lenders’ ability to adapt the credit service to their unique business needs.

”Roostify and Factual Data have collaborated to create a seamless integration between technology and critical borrower credit data that is highly valuable in today’s lending climate,” said Factual Data President Jay Giesen. “Now more than ever, a practical digital experience is making an important difference for mortgage lenders.”

“Understanding a borrower’s credit history is an important step in the mortgage lending process,” said Travis Kniffen, Director of Platform Partnerships at Roostify. “By leveraging industry leader Factual Data for real-time insight within the Roostify platform, lenders can make informed decisions at the time of application and reduce time-to-close cycles.”

About Roostify

Founded by consumers looking for a better way to buy a home, Roostify leads the industry in delivering accelerated and transparent digital lending experiences, processing nearly $35 billion a month in loans. From enterprise banks to independent mortgage lenders, lenders across the United States rely on Roostify to speed up closings, reduce risk and unnecessary work, and improve their customers’ lending experience. The company’s highly secure, future-proof lending platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest lenders. For more information, please visit or follow them on social media at LinkedIn or Twitter @Roostify.

About Factual Data

Factual Data, Leader in Mortgage Credit Reports, specializes in consumer credit reports, automation-driven workflow solutions, and verification services for lenders. Dedicated to the mission of Helping Lenders Expand Homeownership, Factual Data operates a proprietary platform offering flexibility, efficiency, and ample integrations with leading LOS and POS interfaces. For more information, please visit or follow us on social media at LinkedIn.

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