Upgrade to the Enterprise Platform

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Factual Data’s Enterprise Platform. We’re excited to share all the features and capabilities available to you and schedule your upgrade.

Benefits of the Enterprise Platform
  • Innovis ID + - Credit reports ordered with an error in the Social Security number create additional cost and downstream processing effort. Using ID +, stop credit reports from getting ordered that do not have a 9-for-9 Social Security number match, + get a head start on understanding your consumer by receiving the Innovis credit report and ID Cross Check authentication report.

  • Comprehensive Decision Scripts – Clients have the ability to write highly sophisticated custom scripts giving them the flexibility to determine which requests return a tri-merge credit report and which do not.

  • CreditXpert® Wayfinder – Available in Enterprise, this software automatically generates credit management plans, that you can share with customers, to help them potentially qualify or qualify for better loan offers.

  • ID Cross Check – Available in Enterprise, provides variations of an applicant’s name, address, date of birth and phone number. Identity Cross Check allows users to easily link data to verify an applicant’s identity or to identify possible problems if data links to subjects other than the applicant.

  • Single Vendor Solution - LQCC (LRR) now available to order through the same interface as the initial credit request; a second vendor is not required.

  • More Control – Ability to limit branch, department, and report permissions and product access.

  • More Options – Availability for Spanish credit reports and multiple score models simultaneous (e.g. FICO 04 and BK Score).

  • Billing - Real-time billing charges with print/save options.

  • Customized Company Logo – can be inserted into the mailed score disclosure

  • Our proprietary Enterprise Platform features superior disaster recovery automation, redundant data centers using PCI compliant standards, and the latest encryption technology. Its adaptive infrastructure integrates with most digital mortgage and software systems. User certificates are not required on the Enterprise Platform and it supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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