Better information enables better consumer lending decisions.

Good, reliable information has always been the key to any loan. Now that risks are greater than ever – from identity misrepresentation to customers taking on too much debt – it's vital to ensure that all the information you receive is as trustworthy as possible.

At Factual Data, we make it easy for you to access a more comprehensive view of credit and fraud risk with timely and accurate information on identity red flags, income, employment, deposits, assets, liabilities, and more. And we don't stop there. We also give you the ability to monitor customer accounts to identify emerging risks such as delinquency, default, or bankruptcy – all so you can take efficient, decisive action to minimize potential losses.

Profit from change.

While others struggle with the increased challenges of today's market, you can set yourself apart by gaining access to better information and technology to support your decisions. As an FCRA-certified provider of credit reports and leader in independent verification services, we can show you how to increase profitability, reduce the risk of fraud and default, avoid compliance headaches, and improve productivity with a specialized, comprehensive solution designed to meet your specific needs.