Equifax Coding Issue

We felt it important to make you aware of information that Equifax® shared with Factual Data, as it relates to a recent Equifax coding issue within the broad marketplace. Please note, this data issue is indiscriminate and would affect any credit reporting agency your organization may utilize.

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According to Equifax:
  • Equifax has confirmed that this issue took place over the course of a few weeks - between March 17 and April 6. A temporary fix was put in place on April 6 and a permanent fix was put in place on April 8. Equifax stated that the issue was isolated to their legacy OMS platform.

  • For certain consumers, the issue resulted in the miscalculation of certain attributes used in the credit score.

  • Factual Data is committed to working with our affected customers and their consumers to navigate forward. You should refer to your own underwriting guidelines when assessing whether to take any actions related to your customers.

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To ensure that your file is sent securely and accurately, Factual Data has taken the approach to send all reports through a password protected, manual Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) email process. We appreciate your patience in this matter and allowing additional time for these reports to be completed properly.

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