Verification of Employment, Income, Assets, and Liabilities

Independent verification of employment, income, assets, and liabilities offers unbiased information on your applicants’ ability to repay their credit obligations. When we process your verifications, you can save time, reduce risk, and receive the accurate information you need to effectively process loans.

What Verification of Employment, Income, Assets, and Liabilities includes

  • Social Security number – Determine whether a name and associated Social Security number match the data in the Social Security Administration’s records
  • Tax returns – Ensure that income tax data submitted by applicants are accurate and free from fraud
  • Undisclosed liabilities – Refresh a credit report prior to closing to identify additional debt or credit inquiries
  • Employment – Confirm an applicant’s employment status, as well as length of employment, salary, and position
  • Deposit – Review assets prior to approving a loan by finding out how long an account has been open, its current standing and balance, and if any overdrafts have occurred
  • Mortgage – Receive mortgage payment history, balance, and monthly payment amount for an existing mortgage
  • Rent – Assess the ability of the applicant to make a monthly mortgage payment based on monthly rent payment history
  • Lease – Determine the outstanding liability of a renter to a landlord
  • Insurance – Determine coverage for an asset or act