Subprime Qualifier

Quickly and easily be informed of whether or not your applicant is displaying subprime characteristics based on your criteria.

Our Subprime Qualifier service adds a summary section to our Bureau Express credit report alerting you when an applicant is displaying characteristics defined as subprime.  This summary helps banks comply with subprime loan reporting requirements as set forth in the FDIC’s large-bank pricing rule.

The Subprime Qualifier report alerts lenders to an applicant’s status with an easy-to-read color-coded bar integrated right into the credit report.  The bar is green for applicants who are not considered subprime, yellow if they are displaying subprime characteristics, and orange when there is insufficient information to render a status.

Customize the subprime criteria to fit your requirements in the following fields:

  • FICO score that applicants must meet or exceed
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Delinquencies.  Specify the number of late payments, total dollar amount of the late payments, and the time period to look back for 30/60/90 day delinquencies.
  • Judgment, foreclosure, repossession, or charge-off.  Based on your definitions and requirements, define the number, total dollar amount, and time period to look back for each
  • Bankruptcy.  Customize the number of bankruptcies, total dollar amount, and time period to look back