QuickScore Credit Re-scoring

Help your applicants quickly update their credit reports once they've settled their disputes with creditors. Our QuickScore Credit Re-scoring service speeds up the process of revising credit files, providing an updated score within days – so you can close deals faster.

By using our QuickScore Credit Re-scoring service, you can gain a significant edge in the marketplace – improving your chances of retaining loan applicants and converting them into customers as soon as they qualify for your most attractive rates.

Why QuickScore Credit Re-scoring?

  • Fast results – We can update your loan applicants' credit data within days of receiving your request, enabling you to offer your applicants more attractive loan rates and close deals faster.
  • A single, informative report – Once you receive an e-mail from us indicating your request is complete, you can view the updated credit file by ordering our real-time Merged Credit Report, which combines the data from all three credit bureaus into one easy-to-use online document.
  • Matching underwriter systems – After you've updated an applicant's credit file using our QuickScore Credit Re-scoring service and reviewed the file using our Merged Credit Reports, the data can be reissued to a variety of underwriting systems – including Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter™ and Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector®.

How QuickScore Credit Re-scoring works

After you receive acceptable documentation from a loan applicant confirming the resolution of credit disputes, fax us the documentation and a request for QuickScore Credit Re-scoring. Once we receive your request, we have the credit bureau(s) update the applicant's credit report and recalculate the credit score. Then we notify you that the credit file has been refreshed. Most reports are returned within three to four days, although return time can vary based on credit bureau response time.