Bureau Express - Merged Credit Reports

For an accurate picture of your applicants’ credit histories, trust Factual Data for all your individual and joint credit report needs.

Our Bureau Express - Merged Credit Reports combine the credit histories from one, two, or all three credit repositories into a single, easy-to-read report.

Updating or confirming the accuracy of credit data – such as employment and residence history, creditor tradeline data, and other public records information – is easy. One click initiates the process. 

Why Bureau Express - Merged Credit Reports from Factual Data?

  • Customizable reports – Credit data can be provided in any format your company needs. Additionally, data can be instantly populated in the fields of your electronic forms.
  • Cost reduction – Our credit data is available on all major automated underwriting systems, including Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter™, Freddie Mac Loan Advisor SuiteSM, GMAC Assetwise, the ARC Systems™ and more than 250 system integrations.
  • Efficient re-scoring – Our QuickScore Credit Re-scoring service speeds up the process of revising credit once disputes have been resolved, giving you an updated score within days.
  • Subprime Qualifier – with fully customizable criteria to fit your requirements, our Subprime Qualifier makes complying with the subprime loan reporting requirements as part of the FDIC’s large-bank pricing rule fast and easy.