Credit Score Analysis

Many applicants have credit scores that are artificially lower than they should be due to inaccurate information on their credit files. CreditXpert® helps you get to the real score, so you can make a more informed and appropriate decision.

CreditXpert provides specific, detailed actions your applicants should take – based on their unique credit DNA – to improve their credit.

Many lenders using CreditXpert as an integral part of their loan origination process are closing 30-percent more loans every month.

Why CreditXpert?

  • Approve more applicants – Salvage some declines by quickly identifying applicants who can raise their scores enough to qualify
  • Have more offers accepted – Make more compelling offers and build trusting relationships, so you can win more business
  • Unmask your applicants’ true scores – Find your applicants’ real scores, enabling you to make more informed and appropriate decisions
  • Save time – Receive automatic credit analysis and identification of opportunities to raise scores
  • Eliminate guesswork – Quickly explore options, communicate with applicants, and confidently take action with assistance from our helpful insights, predictions, and analysis

Credit Assure™

Automatically scans credit files for opportunities to raise credit scores based on accuracy or credit management updates. Intelligent, automatic and easy, Credit Assure™ inspects every file so you don't have to.


Instantly determines the best actions to take to maximize an applicant’s credit score by paying down debt, transferring balances, and opening or closing accounts.

What-If Simulator™

Allows you to easily explore how various actions, such as making payments, opening or closing accounts, and transferring balances may impact an applicant’s credit score.


Automatically identify opportunities to improve credit scores by updating incorrect, missing, and outdated information. CreditXpert Detective instantly provides key insights so you can effortlessly scan every file and capture opportunities.