FullFacts - Related Parties Report

Through our FullFacts - Related Parties Report, you can comprehensively assess the risk of prohibited individuals, party collusion, conflicts of interest, and non-arms-length transactions resulting from parties involved in mortgage loan transactions.

Our proprietary, knowledge-based risk assessment engine imitates human problem solving by accessing a database of proprietary fraud-trending knowledge, which is collected, compiled, and maintained by mortgage fraud experts. This process accurately identifies misrepresentation, lowers review rates, and decreases false positives.

Why FullFacts - Related Parties Report?

  • Customizable risk assessments – Using our knowledge-based risk assessment engine, you can weigh the severity of every fraud alert according to your business processes, as well as customize the alerts and action steps for your processing staff so that they match your investors’ requirements.
  • Unique participants – You can easily add unique participants to the assessment if you have a loan with a related party who is not included in our list of 25 standard participants.
  • Thorough searches – We also determine whether any of the related parties are included on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List of Specially Designated Nationals, the OFAC Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council List, the HUD Limited Denial Participation List, or the HUD Debarment List.
  • Your exclusionary list – We can upload your internal exclusionary list into the related party risk analysis to help you streamline your workflow.

How FullFacts - Related Parties Report works

Seconds after you provide us with the borrower's name, the property address, and at least one additional participant (e.g., appraiser, title agent, etc.), we reply with a report that identifies loan party collusion, conflicts of interest, and non-arms-length transactions. Reports include a comprehensive set of results that offer an overall risk score and alerts by category with actions and evidence data for further review and analysis.