Collateral Verification Report - Mortgage Risk Analysis

To process a mortgage loan application, you need to know the borrower's mortgage lien information and credit standing, as well as any tax liens or judgments attached to the collateral supporting the loan. Collateral Verification Report instantly uncovers this data, so you can make effective underwriting decisions at reduced costs.

Collateral Verification Report enables you to detect problems that could increase your risk of loss. Whether you are originating loans, performing quality control or due diligence, or reviewing a portfolio, you can quickly and cost effectively assess loan risks for a single loan or thousands.

Why Collateral Verification Report?

  • Close loans faster - Our report is returned instantly through our online platform - allowing you to make prompt decisions.
  • Receive automated valuation model (AVM) and flood zone status - This valuable information is included as a standard feature.
  • View tradelines - Our report includes tradeline features not commonly found, such as a tradeline comments section, non-auto tradelines over $30,000 and the tradeline type.
  • Increase borrower retention - With Collateral Verification Report, you can approve more loans faster and keep potential borrowers from shopping at other lenders.

How Collateral Verification Report works

Within seconds of requesting a Mortgage Risk Analysis online, you will receive a user-friendly, credit-based report that lists all of your applicant's open mortgages, real estate tax liens, and judgments.