Automated Valuation Models

Because the quality of a mortgage loan depends on the property's market value, you need to know instantly and accurately what a residence is worth. By using our Automated Valuation Models, you can reduce your exposure to fraud and loan defaults, streamline your underwriting processes, and improve quality control.

Our Automated Valuation Models independently verify the current market value of properties within the U.S. Based on the level of detail you require, information can be provided in one of three unique, easy-to-read reports.

Automated Valuation Model available reports

  • i-Val KLite – Provides a quick snapshot of a property's value range along with details for three comparable sales
  • VeroVALUE – Supplies in-depth information on the property, including a specific value, the value range, confidence score of one to 100, detailed property information with sales history and price, and in-depth information on six comparable sales
  • PASS Report – Provides an estimated value along with the lowest and highest estimated values, a confidence score of one to 100, detailed property information, and in-depth neighborhood sales data for six comparable properties

How Automated Valuation Models work

You can order our Automated Valuation Models online. Results are available instantly, with valuations highlighted for easy identification.