Business Insight

Business Insight provides independently verified information on companies and their principals – enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

Before you enter into any business relationship, you need to know as much as possible about the other company. Our Business Insight report provides essential company verification and validation data to help you start your due diligence.

Regardless of whether you're considering a partnership, issuing credit, or entering into a vendor relationship, you need accurate information. We guarantee that our Business Insight report contains complete profiles of companies and individuals.

Our reports represent a current and objective picture of how a company handles its financial obligations. You can receive verified business information in up to 28 different categories without a no-hit. To meet your tight deadlines, our reports are available online – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Business Insight verifies

  • Financial status – By searching public records for bankruptcy filings, lawsuits, tax liens, and judgments, we provide critical information that can affect your decision to extend credit or collect a debt.
  • Credit scoring solutions – Our commercial credit scoring solutions – Commercial Intelliscore and Small Business Intelliscore – reduce subjectivity when making credit decisions, enabling you to process more applications.
  • Criminal history – We can determine whether a company's principals have been involved in criminal or fraudulent activities on a county, state, or federal level.
  • Personal credit information – We can access the personal credit histories of candidates applying for management positions.
  • Identity verification – The PATRIOT Act requires many companies to verify the identities of individuals and companies prior to business engagements. We can help you identify a company's principals at the same time you are verifying its financial background.

Commercial Intelliscore

Quickly identifying high-, low-, and marginal-risk accounts is critical before entering into business relationships. That's why the Commercial Intelliscore report instantly provides a credit risk score to help you make quick, objective credit decisions.

Using Commercial Intelliscore helps eliminate high-risk accounts, while providing opportunities for approving accounts that would have been declined using manual judgmental processing. Additionally, Commercial Intelliscore returns more scored records with greater accuracy, resulting in fewer losses.

Commercial Intelliscore evaluates businesses' commercial credit, demographics, public records, and legal information to predict the likelihood of becoming severely delinquent on payments within the next 12 months. Credit scoring significantly reduces subjectivity in decisioning by analyzing applicants using consistent criteria. With this report, you can confidently process a higher volume of transactions. Each Commercial Intelliscore report includes:

  • A single credit risk score
  • The key factors influencing the risk score
  • A ranking of the business' risk level compared to other businesses
  • Summaries of the business' trade payments, public records, and background information
  • Color-coded decision indicator for efficient decision-making
  • Comprehensive demographic scores based on SIC codes, numbers of employees, ownership type, and inquiry counts

Small Business Intelliscore

Evaluating the level of risk associated with small businesses does not have to be difficult. The Small Business Intelliscore identifies high- and low-risk accounts, so you can make informed credit decisions.

Whether your potential customer is a newly formed business or established in the market, Small Business Intelliscore gives you an accurate and complete picture of the company's financial strength. Small Business Intelliscore combines both business and proprietor information to arrive at a single risk score. It predicts the likelihood of a business becoming seriously delinquent, specifically tradelines becoming 90-days past due.

Each Small Business Intelliscore report includes:

  • A single, blended credit risk score
  • The key factors influencing the risk score
  • A ranking of the business' risk level compared to other businesses
  • Summaries of the business' trade payments, public records, and background information on the business and its owner or contract guarantor
  • Color-coded decision indicator for efficient decision-making