With greater lending certainty comes greater security.

Everyone knows that in lending, certainty is the key to security. So despite the increasing levels of default, a growing fraud epidemic, and unprecedented regulatory scrutiny, there is a bright spot in all this – being certain always results in greater safety, fewer risks, and increased profitability.

When your loan files are free of misrepresentation and errors, you can be fully confident in every lending decision.

All of the verification you need through one comprehensive solution.

Instantly verify the identity of applicants, confirm their willingness and ability to pay, monitor your portfolio for risk of default, and protect yourself from collusion and criminal fraud schemes. Factual Data delivers the comprehensive services and specialized expertise necessary to meet compliance requirements and reduce your risk of financial losses from ill-informed decisions. With our proven processes and technology – instantly accessible through an easy-to-use web interface – you can have a direct connection to all the information you need to simplify your loan verification process. As your independent verification expert, we stand behind our work, removing any worries about the risk of errors.

Additionally, you can achieve these greater results without overburdening your current staff. Our scalable solution gives you the exact amount of capacity you need and consistent performance regardless of any fluctuations in loan volume, In fact, by transitioning your verification process to a trusted independent partner, you can increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and reallocate your staff to more important tasks.

Independent verification from Factual Data is your seal of approval that your lending information has been checked and verified by an external expert.