CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis

Misrepresentation of property value, characteristics, ownership, and liens threatens the profitability of mortgage lenders and investors. CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis property report protects you from this threat by identifying fraudulent activity surrounding a property – enabling you to close more loans with less risk.

Through CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis, we independently verify property data to determine the accuracy of the value provided, evaluate possible title misrepresentation, and compare the subject characteristics to the subject market area.

Our proprietary knowledge-based risk assessment engine imitates human problem solving by accessing a database of proprietary fraud-trending knowledge which is collected, compiled, and maintained by mortgage fraud experts. The result is accurate identification of property value misrepresentation, lower review rates, and fewer false positives.

What CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis includes

  • A comprehensive, zero to 100 collateral risk score
  • An in-depth analysis of the valuation risk, flip risk, market risk, address validation risk, and ownership and title risk
  • The property's transaction history, appreciation graph, and comparable sales
  • Automated valuation model (AVM) values and a confidence score


Why CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis?

  • Updated property data – We utilize data from some of the industry's most respected sources for property data. Our sources provide us with frequent updates, ensuring our analysis is up-to-date.
  • Customizable reports – Our risk assessment engine allows you to not only weigh the severity of every fraud alert according to your business processes, but also customize the alerts and action steps to match your policies and procedures.
  • Comprehensive analysis – To detect overvaluation and fraud, CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis compares the subject property to 20 neighboring properties – evaluating characteristics and sales history, as well as providing an independent AVM. Any variances automatically populate in the alert field.


How CollateralFacts - Collateral Risk Analysis works

Seconds after you provide us with three basic pieces of information – the borrower's name, the property address and its appraised value – we reply with a property report that gives you an overall score and alerts by category with actions and evidence data for further review and analysis.